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U.S. Schools start too early

If anything is conclusive proof that more doesn’t always equal better the American education system is it. Continue reading

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Saving Marriage

It was much simpler to weaken marriage than it will be to strengthen it again. Continue reading

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Public vs Private Companies

At what point in the pursuit of profit do individuals diminish or forego their right to religious expression in their business activities? To answer that ask: who owns the corporation? Continue reading

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Confusing the Point

Jay Evensen arguing that Edward Snowden being in Russia lessens his credibility or that the NSA has a legitimate spying to do to protect us completely misses the point behind the Snowden leaks – which is that the NSA is systematically overstepping their bounds and going to great lengths to hide it from the very people charged with overseeing the agency. Continue reading

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A Desperate Defense

Apparently (but not really surprisingly) the defense team for Brian David Mitchell has decided to stand up as a prime example of exactly what is wrong with our justice system today. They started this case by trying to get a … Continue reading

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