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Funding Education

When your car stops running the solution isn’t always to put gas in the gas tank. Likewise, funding our schools isn’t as straightforward as simply figuring out who should foot the bill. Continue reading

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Perspectives on Promoting Marriage

Tyler Smith asked a great question on Google+ about whether people were concerned about the waning influence of the traditional family in American Society. I answered with a resounding “yes” but I think the topic deserves more attention. I’d like … Continue reading

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Fighting the Right Fight for Marriage

We need to fight for a better version of marriage than the one society currently espouses and we might have to do that using some new terminology for what we are currently talking about. Continue reading

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Exploring Concepts for Mutual Improvement

Exploring and comparing the concepts of intentional brotherhoods, master mind groups, and priesthood quorums as organizations for individual improvement and human accomplishment. Continue reading

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Facts Aren’t Always Impartial

I was listening to Doug Wright this morning talking about the John Swallow situation and I found myself laughing at the linguistic gymnastics he was engaged in trying to discuss the situation without suggesting that impeachment might be the proper … Continue reading

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