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Parenting Fail

At some point in their lives everybody has seen a picture on the internet where a parent chose to snap a photo of something crazy happening to (or caused by) their child. The photo is very funny but you are … Continue reading

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The Scary Flu Monster

I won’t argue that the flu vaccine is not worth getting but I am confident that it is not effective or important enough to mandate it for the general population. Continue reading

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2013 is now a week old and I finally have resolution in sight for the problems I encountered last week: the kitchen is usable but there are a couple of finishing touches before the job is complete and the van … Continue reading

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My First Turkey

I just finished cooking my first turkey and I just had to share:

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A Follow-Up

As a followup to yesterday¬†– I got a ride to work and left my car so Laura would not be stranded while the van is being fixed (it seems to be more complicated than it appeared yesterday) and she just … Continue reading

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