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High Priced Entertainment

I have to say that SUPERDELL events sound very entertaining. Fear not, my fundraising events will be worth their ticket if merely for entertainment value to the sceptics:). We are going to have some serious fun in Utah. I’m already … Continue reading

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Last week his boss had his career sunk by revelations of participation in prostitution. Now the new Governor of New York starts his term by confessing his past affairs. I’m not here to criticize Gov. Paterson – his affairs hold … Continue reading

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Anti Universal Coverage

This came along before I started reading the Cato blog regularly but I am definitely a member of The Anti-Universal Coverage Club. Health policy should focus on making health care of ever-increasing quality available to an ever-increasing number of people. … Continue reading

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Open Congress

It becomes more and more clear each day how powerful the internet can be as a tool to improve our political process by enabling citizens to be informed. A great example of that is The purpose of the site … Continue reading

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Personal Political Perspectives

I’ve posted a couple of stories where people have given personal perspectives about politics that I thought were well considered. I recently discovered that NPR has a project called Get My Vote that is meant to allow people to share … Continue reading

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