Jeffs Guilty Verdict

After having posted my thoughts on the intent of the Warren Jeffs trial I thoughts I would follow up with my thoughts after his conviction. I am quite certain that Jeffs is guilty of any number of crimes related to polygamy and his actions within the FLDS community. If this trial really cuts down on the forced marriages of young girls then that will be a very positive thing. Despite that I think it is still a dangerous thing to prosecute against the belief in polygamy – which this case clearly seems aimed at doing. If it were simply a matter of enforcing the law that had been breached there would also be a rape trial for the young ex-husband. (UPDATEthe ex-husband has now been charged – thanks Jeremy)

It will be interesting to see if polygamy continues to be a target of legal action. If there is continued pressure against underage marriages that would be commendable, but if this is just a token case against a high-profile church leader then the overall effect will be negative.

I also found a very good summation/analysis that some people might find interesting to read. I can understand the feeling of those polygamists quoted in the article that this was a biased proceeding.

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  1. Jeremy says:

    The ex hustband has been charged with rape.

  2. David says:

    Thank you for that link.

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