Rich with Irony

While it’s not as entertaining as what “the FBI” sent me in 2008, the million dollar scam victims grant I recently received from Obama’s Foundation (based in the UK, right where Obama would set up shop I’m sure) has a high enough irony quotient (not least because of the trillions that Obama has been flinging around since he took office) to be worth sharing.

It laid out so well in my spam folder that I decided to share a screen shot rather than just the text.

Obama's Foundation Scam Victims Grant

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David is the father of 8 extremely organized children (4 girls / 4 boys) who is constantly seeking answers to tough questions related to parenting, education and politics while moonlighting for 40 hours each week as a technology professional. He also enjoys cooking, gardening, and sports.

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3 Responses to Rich with Irony

  1. Love the email address for the “managing director” at HSBC bank.

  2. David Miller says:

    Yes, quite the professional touch there. 😉

  3. Carl says:

    CHUMP! That guy has nothing on one I ran into recently. My friend got his facebook and email account hacked. The hacker proceeded to offer him control of his email account again for a mere $500. Meanwhile, the hacker took his address book and started impersonating my friend saying to his contacts that he’d been in London, Germany, Nigeria, the Phillipines, Japan, and the list goes on. I have the email conversation if you want me to send it to you. It’s good for a giggle.

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