While I claim to be a recovering technophile I am very happy that recovering from technophilia does not require that I must become a luddite. I still enjoy technology and believe that many technologies hold the promise to make improvements in our lives.

The recovering part of me is the one that recognizes that change is not universally equal to improvement. To get a feel for what I mean by that I would recommend that people should read some of the writings of Neil Postman, specifically Amusing Ourselves to Death, and Technopoly.

Among the promising movements encouraged by technology is the Open Source movement which stands as an example of how much can be done without relying on the predominant forces of commerce.

Another promising movement is the Creative Commons which provides an alternative to traditional copyright which is, in many cases, more restrictive than necessary and, in my view, often detrimental to society.

With my interest in communicatinos and problem solving, I find that technologies such as blogs and wikis have great potential to change the way that people work together and interact with each other. Good examples of this technology in use are Politocopia and of course Wikipedia.


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