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Selling Yourself

I’m probably a decade late in actually reading the Cluetrain Manifesto for all I had heard about it for most of that decade that I have been not reading it. In the process I certainly picked up on the message … Continue reading

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Working to My Strengths

My journey from mindless cubicle jockey to engaged employee. The journey was shorter than I had expected it to be and the destination was different than I imagined. Continue reading

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My New Car

My team will be moving to a new office in the coming weeks to a location that would add another hour or more each way to my commute if I kept taking the bus. I’ve known this for months so … Continue reading

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Living My Ideals

With the beginning of my new job I will have the opportunity to use public transportation regularly. I have always been in favor of using public transit but since I have always either worked from home or lived close enough … Continue reading

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Working for Intermountain Health Care

Well, it wasn’t long from the time that I wrote to say that I was looking for work to the time that I got a job. Thank you to everyone who was praying for me and offering suggestions (that includes … Continue reading

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