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Open Prospective Longitudinal Study

Imagine what we could learn from a large scale prospective longitudinal study. We could (and should) start such a study which would provide value on its own and also lay the foundation for many other more detailed and specific longitudinal studies. Continue reading

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The Issue of Secession

Is the lack of a constitutional provision for secession a problem? What would such a provision look like? I would like to explore these questions to see what it reveals about secession and about our nation. Continue reading

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Selling Yourself

I’m probably a decade late in actually reading the Cluetrain Manifesto for all I had heard about it for most of that decade that I have been not reading it. In the process I certainly picked up on the message … Continue reading

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Fixing the BCS Title Game

photo credit: avinashkunnath It’s time to set the record straight on the difference between the best BCS football programs and the best non-BCS football programs in response to the ill-advised and self-serving comments of Ohio State President E. Gordon Gee. … Continue reading

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Receiving the Holy Ghost

It has been very amazing and gratifying in the last few days to watch Savannah since her baptism. On Sunday afternoon Savannah came to me and said that she had not felt anything change when she was confirmed and given … Continue reading

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