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Not Enough

photo credit: garlandcannon Sometimes I find myself feeling stuck in life; feeling that no matter what I do I have no real meaningful choices. I have described it as having, in any decision, a choice that is blatantly obvious (like … Continue reading

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Book of Mormon Witness

It’s always interesting to see how people respond to powerful messages from General Conference. Although I spent much of conference somewhat distracted by children (what else is new) I was even able to recognize in that half attentive state that … Continue reading

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Freedom OF Religion

By now everybody in Utah at least has heard about the speech given by Elder Dallin H. Oaks at the BYU-Idaho devotional yesterday on the subject of freedom of religion. It will surprise nobody who knows anything about me to … Continue reading

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Too Busy to Hear

It constantly amazes me how human and approachable President Eyring is. We were blessed to have him speak to our Elder’s quorum today. His son, Stewart, was there as well. At the end, everyone allowed President Eyring to leave first. … Continue reading

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Elder’s Quorum with President Eyring

I had not known what I would ask an apostle if given the opportunity and today I had the opportunity. I really like the way the President Eyring conducted the class – he invited us to ask questions and suggest … Continue reading

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