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Speed Affects Lifestyle

Preface I was laying in my bed at 5:00 AM (when most people should be in bed) and my brain started reviewing the images of the roads I commute on. I began to think of how such a complex road … Continue reading

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Official vs Unofficial

Ever since I became aware of Mormons Made Simple I have been considering whether I should share the site with others. It is intended to be a resource for those who are not familiar with the LDS church to understand … Continue reading

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Questions for an Apostle

I have often thought that it would be exciting to have the opportunity to sit down with an apostle and have a conversation. In other words, more than simply shaking a hand, but really having a back and forth discussion. … Continue reading

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Funding Fire Departments

As we drove through heavy smoke that seemed to be blowing north from the fire in Draper last night, our girls started asking about firefighters and how we (as a society) support them. It got me thinking about firefighters as … Continue reading

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Regions for BNN/Utah

It’s been a busy month for me personally since I asked about implementing regional classifications for Utah blogs listed on BlogNetNews. I am finally ready to implement regional categories. The options are going to be: Salt Lake Utah Valley/Happy Valley … Continue reading

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