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Starting Something New

At Pursuit of Liberty I have issued an invitation to join with me in forming a new group to encourage wider political participation. The group I will be forming will be open to, even encouraging of, participation by people of … Continue reading

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“Republican” Does Not Equal “Conservative”

I was excited to hear The Fall of Conservatism on Radio West and to read the article being discussed. All through the show there was a concern lurking in the back of my brain. When I finally identified it as … Continue reading

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Mapping Politics

Thanks to the observations and perspective of Obi wan Liberali I think I can accurately place some political parties on my 2 dimensional political spectrum. Not only can I place the labels for our two major parties and some other … Continue reading

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Political Spectrum

I liked the discussion over at KVNU’s For The People about how labels can be misleading regarding someone’s political philosophy. As always, there are quizzes to help someone figure out their own philosophy. KVNU linked to The Political Compass. Another … Continue reading

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