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Miracles On An Icy Road

We witnessed a miracle this evening. Actually, we witnessed several. At one point we had 5 vehicles and a FedEx truck stuck on the hill between our house and two houses down from us. Over a two hour period we … Continue reading

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Adventures at Grandma’s

Enoch wanted to go for a ride tonight so we decided to go down to Grandma Colette’s house to visit and harvest some things from our garden. While we were there Enoch picked up something white from the ground and … Continue reading

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It’s Spring

Spring arrived a few days ago. I know this independent of whether the snow has melted and without regard to whether we have passed the technical March 21st that officially marks the change of seasons. I know it like an … Continue reading

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Four Wheel Drive

It’s a good thing I bought a vehicle with 4WD – I got stuck driving into my driveway this afternoon coming home from work. I should have got a picture of the Explorer sideways in the driveway or at least … Continue reading

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Mists of Fog

Last night was very foggy in the valley. I got to drive around in the very thick fog to run some errands and it got me thinking about the “mists of darkness” that Lehi saw in his dream. (see 1 … Continue reading

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