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Attack the Hills

photo credit: OldOnliner Once upon a time I was a member of my high school cross country team. On the last race I ran with the team (end of the season) I learned a very valuable lesson about running. We … Continue reading

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Challenge vs Competition

I don’t recall what triggered the thought, but over the Thanksgiving break I had a little insight into the vital difference between a challenge and a competition. A competition is something like a sporting event where there can only be … Continue reading

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Racing Together

We were discussing Concern for the One today in class and as we talked about how some people get lost because they grow weary one of the class members, Travis Staten, talked about a marathon that he ran recently. He … Continue reading

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Today was my marathon. I had hoped to finish in under 4 hours. The race began inauspiciously, with the buses arriving more than 30 minutes late to take us to the top. It continued promisingly as I ran well ahead … Continue reading

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Reactions to 22 Miles

I got a nice variety of reactions to the fact that I ran 22 miles today. It was the peak of my training for the marathon in July. I’m looking forward to the next seven weeks of fewer miles and … Continue reading

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