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Nine Years and Counting

Nine years ago today I was privileged to make covenants with the greatest woman I have ever known. I spent a lot of time today thinking back to our wedding day (hint: that was back when Mother Nature still remembered … Continue reading

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Halloween Tradition

Three years ago I would have told you that Halloween was the dumbest/worst holiday on the calendar. Two years ago I did say that it was tolerable. Last year if I had written about it I would have said that … Continue reading

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Personal Challenges

We had a neighborhood party last Saturday and as we were driving home we got talking with the kids about one of our neighbors and his son who is autistic. As we explained some basics about autism we did so … Continue reading

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Crazy Eights

My first blog meme – I’m not sure how I missed that Laura had tagged me with this 10 days ago. RULES Post rules on your Blog Answer the six “8” items Let each person know they have been tagged … Continue reading

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Establish Criteria, Not Quotas

My wife was politically low-key when I first met her. I have enjoyed the fact that she has started to become more interested in political issues and principles of good government. This morning at breakfast, without any warning, she asked … Continue reading

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