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Communities Are a Subset of Networks

While there is no limit to the number of networks a person may benefit from, everyone should seek to be part of at least one solid community at every time in their lives Continue reading

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Home Is What You Make It

photo credit: Joel Abroad In the perpetual effort to have a presentable house where multiple young children live and grow, an idea finally came to me that people will treat themselves and their surroundings in a way that reflects how … Continue reading

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Personal Challenges

We had a neighborhood party last Saturday and as we were driving home we got talking with the kids about one of our neighbors and his son who is autistic. As we explained some basics about autism we did so … Continue reading

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Speed Affects Lifestyle

Preface I was laying in my bed at 5:00 AM (when most people should be in bed) and my brain started reviewing the images of the roads I commute on. I began to think of how such a complex road … Continue reading

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Use the Proper Tool

I have written before about our national propensity to use government when it is not the proper tool for the job. Scott summed my point up very succinctly in a recent post: There is a proper tool for every job. … Continue reading

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