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Winning the Contest

Yesterday at church was apparently a contest of wills between Isaac and me. He was acting up and causing a disturbance in sacrament meeting and I took him outside. Eventually he won his way back in only to have Laura … Continue reading

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When I came back to WordPress in February of 2007 the focus of the site (Recovering Technophile) was technology and social/political commentary. I imported my writing from the blogger blog I was leaving and those posts which fit that focus … Continue reading

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Original Intent

While I fully agree that the Electoral College was not an arbitrary decision and should not be abolished, I also think that we need to articulate the arguments in favor of the Electoral College better than simply stating: Our Forefathers … Continue reading

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Articles of Confederation

In the midst of my efforts to evaluate all the Federalist Papers, I realized that I had never read the Articles of Confederation which was the basis against which the Constitution was written and against which the Federalist Papers were … Continue reading

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April Fools Day

Last year I didn’t even remember that it was April Fools Day, but as I look back at what I posted I can see that it was rather amusing. Continue reading

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