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Causes and Symptoms

There are still times when doctors are limited to treating symptoms but generally in modern times our doctors seek to treat the underlying cause of a problem rather than the symptoms. We need to do more of that in the healthcare industry – especially as it relates to our most pressing chronic condition in the industry: uncontrolled costs. Continue reading

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The Scary Flu Monster

I won’t argue that the flu vaccine is not worth getting but I am confident that it is not effective or important enough to mandate it for the general population. Continue reading

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Do We Have Reason To Celebrate?

If we celebrate Independence Day rather than simply the 4th of July what are we celebrating? Do we even have any independence anymore? Continue reading

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Today’s Adventure

Laura called at 9:42 this morning and told me that she needed to take Alyssa to the emergency room at Primary Children’s Hospital with a cut on her face. I told a couple of people at work so they could … Continue reading

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Delving Into “Six Steps”

Joe Jarvis is a doctor and a candidate for the Utah legislature. I was very interested in exploring the six steps to bring about true health-care reform in Utah that he outlined in the Salt Lake Tribune. He has been … Continue reading

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