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A Holistic Approach to Building Families

A proper understanding of family must recognize that families span generations and cannot be fully understood and supported independent of the individuals they are made of and the communities in which they live. Because the family is the fundamental unit of society and because societies can’t be stronger than the families within them, I am seeking to find and share information on organizations and tools to help build families, their communities, and the individuals within them and I invite others to join me in this endeavor. Continue reading

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For the last couple of decades I have wanted to get a HAM radio license. I never got really serious about it, but it was always there in the back of my head waiting for “someday.” Someday finally arrived. The … Continue reading

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Elder’s Quorum with President Eyring

I had not known what I would ask an apostle if given the opportunity and today I had the opportunity. I really like the way the President Eyring conducted the class – he invited us to ask questions and suggest … Continue reading

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Old Goals, New Goals

I have made a goal ever six months for the last couple of years to review every talk from general conference before the next general conference. I have to make the goal anew each conference because each time I fail … Continue reading

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Today was my marathon. I had hoped to finish in under 4 hours. The race began inauspiciously, with the buses arriving more than 30 minutes late to take us to the top. It continued promisingly as I ran well ahead … Continue reading

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