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Year Round Gardening

As I learn more and more about healthy eating – both through personal experience and study – my interest has grown in not only growing some of my own food, but also in being able to do it for as … Continue reading

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What’s Your Ideal?

I have been thinking a lot about my ideal living situation. It’s really something I have been exploring for years. My thinking is not confined to my own ideal, I also think about what is ideal for people generally (a … Continue reading

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Technology and Gardening

So I could be posting about national news items, but instead I spent my spare time today working on a gardening wiki. Laura wanted to keep notes on the plants that we have planted with some of the more vital … Continue reading

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Lunar Day

I enjoyed watching the full moon set this morning as I was out running. I watched as the last wisp of the moon fell behind the mountains in the west. This evening I was driving to the store with my … Continue reading

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Spring Again

It’s been months since I have had anything to do in the way of gardening, but now that Spring is back I got to start cleaning the flower beds with the kids and get ready to plant a few more … Continue reading

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