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Fatherhood vs Manhood

Fatherhood done right exemplifies all the highest traits of manliness and thus it is a great way to teach about those traits but we should be careful about leaving the false impression that fatherhood is an indispensable element of full manhood. Continue reading

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Rediscovering the Forgotten Parent

The crisis of weakened fatherhood was driven home to me a few years ago in reading Season of Life by Jeffrey Marx when he related the realization by Rev. Joe Ehrmann that all the problems of the inner city that he was dealing with in his ministry tied back to a common thread of missing or ineffective fathers in the households. The nature of this problem is such that it will take many years to reverse the causes and effects of a culture that has long dismissed, diminished, and even undermined the role of fatherhood. Continue reading

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Fathers on Father’s Day

Over the years in my life there have been a number of men who have served as examples of fatherhood for me – unfortunately despite whatever desires I have had my own father has never been among those men within … Continue reading

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