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My Top Books for a Personal Library

I had fun considering what I would list as my top five book to begin building a man’s personal library. Continue reading

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Endorsing Laura Belnap

School board races tend to fly under the radar and rarely do I see one candidate shine compared to their opponent but this is one of those times. Continue reading

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Open Prospective Longitudinal Study

Imagine what we could learn from a large scale prospective longitudinal study. We could (and should) start such a study which would provide value on its own and also lay the foundation for many other more detailed and specific longitudinal studies. Continue reading

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Funding Education

When your car stops running the solution isn’t always to put gas in the gas tank. Likewise, funding our schools isn’t as straightforward as simply figuring out who should foot the bill. Continue reading

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Addressing the Symptoms

photo credit: sigma. As if to prove the point I made in my last post about passing out casts and crutches, the Seattle Post Intelligencer this week published an essay from Brad Soliday, a teacher in eastern Washington, where he … Continue reading

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