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Addressing the Symptoms

photo credit: sigma. As if to prove the point I made in my last post about passing out casts and crutches, the Seattle Post Intelligencer this week published an essay from Brad Soliday, a teacher in eastern Washington, where he … Continue reading

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Book of Mormon Witness

It’s always interesting to see how people respond to powerful messages from General Conference. Although I spent much of conference somewhat distracted by children (what else is new) I was even able to recognize in that half attentive state that … Continue reading

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Freedom OF Religion

By now everybody in Utah at least has heard about the speech given by Elder Dallin H. Oaks at the BYU-Idaho devotional yesterday on the subject of freedom of religion. It will surprise nobody who knows anything about me to … Continue reading

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Use the Proper Tool

I have written before about our national propensity to use government when it is not the proper tool for the job. Scott summed my point up very succinctly in a recent post: There is a proper tool for every job. … Continue reading

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Poorly Written Terms

Orrin Hatch invited people to comment at his blog on an op-ed he wrote. I decided to go share my thoughts and saw on his comments form that I was required to accept “terms of usage” to leave a comment. … Continue reading

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