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Wholesome Views on Modesty

Four articles that take a deeper, more complete look at the concept of modesty. Continue reading

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A Hidden Danger for Children

Stealing the identity of a child can often go undetected and cause major problems for the child later in life. Learn how to protect your children from this pernicious problem. Continue reading

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Rediscovering the Forgotten Parent

The crisis of weakened fatherhood was driven home to me a few years ago in reading Season of Life by Jeffrey Marx when he related the realization by Rev. Joe Ehrmann that all the problems of the inner city that he was dealing with in his ministry tied back to a common thread of missing or ineffective fathers in the households. The nature of this problem is such that it will take many years to reverse the causes and effects of a culture that has long dismissed, diminished, and even undermined the role of fatherhood. Continue reading

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Dear Eyring Family

Do you know how much people watch you? Of course you are Eyrings and with that I guess you would have to expect that people would pay attention to what you do just because of your parentage. But are you … Continue reading

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Halloween Tradition

Three years ago I would have told you that Halloween was the dumbest/worst holiday on the calendar. Two years ago I did say that it was tolerable. Last year if I had written about it I would have said that … Continue reading

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