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Excited for Conference

Things have been so busy around here that I have not really had time to look forward at all. In the back of my brain I have known that this was the weekend of General Conference, but this afternoon that … Continue reading

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Taking Posession

After a long weekend with no internet access I was not at all surprised at the long list of emails that I had to deal with. It was a very good weekend to be disconnected since I had plenty to … Continue reading

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Stuck in Limbo

The last few weeks I have consistently not written on Saturdays. Of course I have been generally less consistent, but Saturdays would seem like the time when I would have the most opportunity to make time to write. This week … Continue reading

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Keeping Up In Silence

I would think by now that I would be smart enough to predict that it would be hard to keep up with blogging when I am simultaneously starting a new job and moving from Utah County to Davis County. Despite … Continue reading

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These last couple of days have been overwhelming. I can hardly keep up with everything I need to do – which is why I failed to post. I’m still trying to catch up so this is mostly a chance for … Continue reading

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