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Free Google+ Invites (no strings attached)

When Google+ started there were a lot more people wanting to get in than there were openings—it reminded me a lot of the launch of Gmail in that way. One big difference for me was that I got an account … Continue reading

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GRAMA Answers – A First Pass

I really appreciated the 36 questions that came out of the first meeting of the GRAMA working group and wanted to offer one perspective on a first pass at answering those questions. I will say upfront that the answers provided … Continue reading

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Orrin Hatch’s Insurmountable Obstacle

photo credit: Gage Skidmore Two years into his bid for re-election (yes, he has already been in obvious campaign mode for two years), in a recent tweet Orrin Hatch invited people to let him know if he was on the … Continue reading

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Best-Of Comments

Have you ever wanted to share your favorite comments on the front page of your site? I’m not talking about the most recent comments, or the most frequent contributors, but the best comments (most funny, most thoughtful, most appropriate, most … Continue reading

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Meet the Other David Miller – Torontoist

Let us tell you a few things about David Miller. He’s wary of socialized healthcare. He’s in favour of weakening the federal government, and he also supports strict caps on income tax for individuals and corporations. Yeah, turns out David … Continue reading

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