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A Central Family Website

Based on an idea I had long ago I have created a prototype of a collaborative website. Continue reading

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Net Neutrality vs Open Infrastructure

The almost universal reality that consumers generally have one or two choices for broadband access makes consideration of regulations such as Net Neutrality inevitable. We should also recognize that even if Net Neutrality is the fastest/easiest way to prevent corporate control of our internet access it isn’t the best approach long term. Continue reading

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Online Event Planning

Facebook event planners should consider that some people they want at their event might not use Facebook. Continue reading

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Collision of Worlds

The mark of the beast will be set in the right hand or the forehead – it might be competing for that bodily real-estate… Continue reading

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Hiding the Castle Gate

The first step in preventing an intrusion on your WordPress site should be to not have an “admin” username. Continue reading

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