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Confusing the Point

Jay Evensen arguing that Edward Snowden being in Russia lessens his credibility or that the NSA has a legitimate spying to do to protect us completely misses the point behind the Snowden leaks – which is that the NSA is systematically overstepping their bounds and going to great lengths to hide it from the very people charged with overseeing the agency. Continue reading

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My First Turkey

I just finished cooking my first turkey and I just had to share:

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Welcome Noah

After weeks of Laura feeling like she was ready to be done with this pregnancy (despite the fact that we hoped it would last a little longer to get a few more things done around the house) we got the … Continue reading

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Revealing Personalities

It’s always interesting to me to see the little ways that the kids display their unique personalities. Recently I noticed them coming through on Tap Fish, a game I have on my iPod. The game is a virtual aquarium and … Continue reading

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A Look at the Future

It’s always fun for me to write welcome posts when we are expecting a new arrival. We’ve done this enough times now that as we prepare for number six there would seem to be nothing new to say. That might … Continue reading

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