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A Central Family Website

Based on an idea I had long ago I have created a prototype of a collaborative website. Continue reading

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Hiding the Castle Gate

The first step in preventing an intrusion on your WordPress site should be to not have an “admin” username. Continue reading

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Limiting Politics

photo credit: RSzepan Over the course of six years of writing online I have been asked why I focus so much on political issues and not so much on promoting a moral society. I think it’s a great question and … Continue reading

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Change is in the Air

I’ve been feeling the need to reorient my online (and offline) activity for a while now. It has been interesting to work through the process of identifying what needed to change and how. There may be some person out there … Continue reading

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Speed Affects Lifestyle

Preface I was laying in my bed at 5:00 AM (when most people should be in bed) and my brain started reviewing the images of the roads I commute on. I began to think of how such a complex road … Continue reading

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