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Family Man

I am committed to carving out one-on-one time with my kids – one kid each evening – so that our relationship will be stronger and I will be more perceptive about things in their lives. Continue reading

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Net Neutrality vs Open Infrastructure

The almost universal reality that consumers generally have one or two choices for broadband access makes consideration of regulations such as Net Neutrality inevitable. We should also recognize that even if Net Neutrality is the fastest/easiest way to prevent corporate control of our internet access it isn’t the best approach long term. Continue reading

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Promiscuity Culture is a War on Women

By making the social and physical cost/risk of sex appear artificially low, those who promote loose sexual morals place a heavier burden on women by encouraging them to participate too easily and ignore the hidden costs of doing so. Continue reading

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Endorsing Laura Belnap

School board races tend to fly under the radar and rarely do I see one candidate shine compared to their opponent but this is one of those times. Continue reading

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Ballot Issues

Just looking at your ballot can reveal defects in the current political system if you know what to look for. Continue reading

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