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A Cat Is Not A Dog

I know this seems like a painfully obvious and completely unnecessary statement to make but imagine with me for a moment what would happen if a society decided to remove the distinction between two things that are fundamentally different by … Continue reading

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Year Round Gardening

As I learn more and more about healthy eating – both through personal experience and study – my interest has grown in not only growing some of my own food, but also in being able to do it for as … Continue reading

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Digital Dissociative Identity Disorder

If you were to look at my email inbox and my twitter feed you would discover that besides being a regular(ish) guy I am also the former mayor of Toronto, a businessman (and former mayor of Elkhart) in Indiana, a … Continue reading

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Secondary Service

Secondary service is going on all around us and we almost certainly fail to recognize most of it. It is one of the ways that God is able to meet our needs through other people as He watches over us. Continue reading

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Boys Adrift

Everyone who expects to interact with boys or men under the age of 50 should read this book. I’ve stewed on this for weeks since reading it in an attempt to digest the content and decide how to convey the importance … Continue reading

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