Pornography – the Holocaust of Family

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I couldn’t go very long without mentioning the largest single destructive force for families today. There’s no reason to tiptoe around the issue, everything about pornography is destructive to families. It destroys relationships between husband and wife, between parent and child, and between an individual and their community. While much can be said about how and why it is so destructive, I would like to focus today on how it can be overcome and share a project that is striving to help address this problem.


I find it interesting that this is so heavily tied to two of the four obstacles that fathers identified to being good fathers. It is getting ever more overt in pop culture and it is ever present in the media – it will intrude on your media unless you take steps to avoid it.


While pornography is destructive even without someone becoming addicted to it, one of the reasons that it is so destructive is that while promotion and use of pornography is rampant in our society we also have rooted in our society a shame of addressing it as a problem so that once hooked, a user has a very hard time getting the help necessary to overcome this addiction because of the shame of admitting the problem. It is much easier to mask the problem than admit it and address it.

This is what is so exciting about the documentary film Shamed which teaches about the effect of shame in undermining healing from pornography addiction. The best writeup I have seen about the project comes from The Brushfires Foundation. To get an idea about the project and the effects of shame watch the following clip from the production:

This project deserves all the support it can get. I have donated to help make it happen. I hope others will donate as well.

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