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A Hidden Danger for Children

Stealing the identity of a child can often go undetected and cause major problems for the child later in life. Learn how to protect your children from this pernicious problem. Continue reading

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Unpack Your Bags

It is easy to identify with the idea of having and maximizing a set of personal strengths, It takes more work to really identify those strengths and how you are best able to make use of them. Continue reading

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Political Sacred Cows

Whenever someone assigns one thing as unassailable – whether it’s HAFB, the importance of seniority, the idea that all elected officials are crooks who should be replaced, or even the original text of the U.S. Constitution – it eventually leads them to make decisions that are undesirable in the long run. Continue reading

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Meeting Basic Needs

Nothing can compensate for physical needs which are not being met and when they have not been met for a family it is difficult if not impossible to focus on other areas of need in building a healthy family. This is a concern that can be addressed at the level of individual families but also at a community level. Families having difficulty meeting their basic needs should try reducing their expenses first and then increasing their income. Continue reading

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