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Pornography – the Holocaust of Family

Everything about pornography is destructive to families. It destroys relationships between husband and wife, between parent and child, and between an individual and their community. Continue reading

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Rediscovering the Forgotten Parent

The crisis of weakened fatherhood was driven home to me a few years ago in reading Season of Life by Jeffrey Marx when he related the realization by Rev. Joe Ehrmann that all the problems of the inner city that he was dealing with in his ministry tied back to a common thread of missing or ineffective fathers in the households. The nature of this problem is such that it will take many years to reverse the causes and effects of a culture that has long dismissed, diminished, and even undermined the role of fatherhood. Continue reading

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A Holistic Approach to Building Families

A proper understanding of family must recognize that families span generations and cannot be fully understood and supported independent of the individuals they are made of and the communities in which they live. Because the family is the fundamental unit of society and because societies can’t be stronger than the families within them, I am seeking to find and share information on organizations and tools to help build families, their communities, and the individuals within them and I invite others to join me in this endeavor. Continue reading

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Meddlesome Busybodies

Our society is hyper-alert to some kinds of danger (while being virtually asleep to some greater dangers), a fact we were reminded of today along with a reminder that such hyper-vigilance can have negative effects. Our family went out running … Continue reading

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Selling Yourself

I’m probably a decade late in actually reading the Cluetrain Manifesto for all I had heard about it for most of that decade that I have been not reading it. In the process I certainly picked up on the message … Continue reading

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