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The Issue of Secession

Is the lack of a constitutional provision for secession a problem? What would such a provision look like? I would like to explore these questions to see what it reveals about secession and about our nation. Continue reading

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Scott Howell for US Senate

When I wrote a better to the editor in support of Dan Liljenquist during the GOP primary earlier this year one of the comments that was made in response to my letter was that once Hatch won the primary all … Continue reading

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A Hidden Danger for Children

Stealing the identity of a child can often go undetected and cause major problems for the child later in life. Learn how to protect your children from this pernicious problem. Continue reading

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Unpack Your Bags

It is easy to identify with the idea of having and maximizing a set of personal strengths, It takes more work to really identify those strengths and how you are best able to make use of them. Continue reading

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Political Sacred Cows

Whenever someone assigns one thing as unassailable – whether it’s HAFB, the importance of seniority, the idea that all elected officials are crooks who should be replaced, or even the original text of the U.S. Constitution – it eventually leads them to make decisions that are undesirable in the long run. Continue reading

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