Free Google+ Invites (no strings attached)

When Google+ started there were a lot more people wanting to get in than there were openings—it reminded me a lot of the launch of Gmail in that way. One big difference for me was that I got an account less than 24 hours after the launch where I had to wait weeks for Gmail (thus preventing me from getting simply my name as an email address which was one of the major reasons why I wanted an invite). With Google+ I was in early enough that there was no link to invite people most of the time.

Once things settled down I thought it was interesting that unlike Gmail invites in the early days there was no number indicating how many invites I could offer. I don’t know when that changed (I don’t look at the invite link generally) but I just noticed today that I have 150 invites available (I only have 96 in Gmail—as if they had any purpose anymore).

When I saw that I thought I should try to find people who wanted invites but in trying to find requests all I found were a bunch of articles talking about the current status of invites and a few posts of people offering invites. I noticed that they generally asked for something in return (“like me on Facebook” or “follow me on twitter” for example).

I decided to make my own offer: let me know that you want an invite and I’ll send you one at the email address of your choice. I don’t care how you let me know but leaving a comment is probably the simplest way. Anyway you choose, I’ll give them out on a first come, first served basis.

UPDATE: I’m not entirely sure how simple this will be but here is a direct link to use one of my invites. If anyone tries that link I would appreciate at least one person leaving a comment to tell me how well it worked.

UPDATE 2: Lots of people used my direct link without making comments as evidenced by the fact that I have no more invites and nowhere near 150 comments here. If anyone still wants an invite you can let me know and I will send invites as they become available.

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4 Responses to Free Google+ Invites (no strings attached)

  1. Andreas says:

    Hi, can you send me a Google+ invite to my gmail address? I typed it in the email form so it won’t appear public, but I’m sure you can see it as admin. Thanks in advance!

  2. Claes N says:

    Thanks a lot for the invite.
    I never jumped on facebook but now its time for +

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