Best Car Accident Ever

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Last month as I was leaving the South Davis Recreation Center I got bumped by a young driver as I was exiting the parking lot. Normally that is not the kind of thing I would write about but I wanted to thank the insurance company of that young driver for taking care of me so well.

I filed the claim with Travelers Insurance the morning of the accident and from that first phone call to the time the repairs were complete they totally took care of me.

They sent the check promptly and as soon as I made the arrangements for the actual repairs they had a rental car reserved for me within two hours. The last pleasant surprise came when I returned the rental car to Enterprise even the agent there was impressed that they had settled the bill before I even returned the car.

I only hope that my insurance company gives this kind of service when someone has a claim there.

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  1. JP says:

    There is something about south Davis rec. That is where my only auto accident happened. My insurance story was less impressive.

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