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Welcome Ezra

I have to admit that this was published well after the fact so I have no pictures handy to add and I am going to dispense with the statistics for now. Despite the sparseness of this post I did want … Continue reading

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Please Don’t Vote

Voting is no panacea. If we don’t do the work that needs to be the foundation of voting it can do more harm than good. Continue reading

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Working to My Strengths

My journey from mindless cubicle jockey to engaged employee. The journey was shorter than I had expected it to be and the destination was different than I imagined. Continue reading

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Conference Traditions

This morning as I went to the temple I began to wonder if I was in the middle of a common conference tradition of going to the temple to mentally prepare for General Conference (or to make up for the … Continue reading

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Redistricting in Ut(opia)

I have been watching the redistricting process with interest although I have not been able to be as vocal in the discussions as I might have wished. This late in the process we can see the forces at work and … Continue reading

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