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Minorities That Matter

photo credit: More Than Maths Last week I received a new donor card from the Red Cross and a letter to go with it. The letter contained an interesting statistic that the Red Cross receives a large majority of their … Continue reading

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Home Is What You Make It

photo credit: Joel Abroad In the perpetual effort to have a presentable house where multiple young children live and grow, an idea finally came to me that people will treat themselves and their surroundings in a way that reflects how … Continue reading

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Welcome to Katherine

I got the exciting news that I am a new uncle again as my brother and his wife had their new baby girl this morning. I expect she’s beautiful but I haven’t seen any pictures yet. On the other hand, … Continue reading

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Addressing the Symptoms

photo credit: sigma. As if to prove the point I made in my last post about passing out casts and crutches, the Seattle Post Intelligencer this week published an essay from Brad Soliday, a teacher in eastern Washington, where he … Continue reading

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Limiting Politics

photo credit: RSzepan Over the course of six years of writing online I have been asked why I focus so much on political issues and not so much on promoting a moral society. I think it’s a great question and … Continue reading

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