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Bishop’s Tradition

Our bishop has a wonderful tradition during tithing settlement that I have really enjoyed. Each year as we sit down to make a declaration regarding our status as tithe-payers the bishop takes the opportunity to give us a gift of … Continue reading

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Welcome Noah

After weeks of Laura feeling like she was ready to be done with this pregnancy (despite the fact that we hoped it would last a little longer to get a few more things done around the house) we got the … Continue reading

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A Desperate Defense

Apparently (but not really surprisingly) the defense team for Brian David Mitchell has decided to stand up as a prime example of exactly what is wrong with our justice system today. They started this case by trying to get a … Continue reading

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Saying “No” to the TSA

Laura and I have been talking about what we can do in response to the horrendous new TSA procedures. Inspired by Connor and Jesse I took a first step by sending this letter: To: To Whom It May Concern, … Continue reading

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Group Identity

An incident that took place yesterday got me thinking about a topic that is probably very appropriate at election season (in some ways more applicable after an election than before). That is, how and why we identify and associate within … Continue reading

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