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Mists of Fog

Last night was very foggy in the valley. I got to drive around in the very thick fog to run some errands and it got me thinking about the “mists of darkness” that Lehi saw in his dream. (see 1 … Continue reading

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My New Car

My team will be moving to a new office in the coming weeks to a location that would add another hour or more each way to my commute if I kept taking the bus. I’ve known this for months so … Continue reading

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OpenID Enabled

I have been using OpenID for quite a while to comment on various blogs at Blogger. I never really considered it necessary to use here since I don’t require registration of any kind here – totally anonymous comments are fine … Continue reading

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Questions for an Apostle

I have often thought that it would be exciting to have the opportunity to sit down with an apostle and have a conversation. In other words, more than simply shaking a hand, but really having a back and forth discussion. … Continue reading

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The Chairs Are Smiling

While watching the video presentation prior to touring the Draper temple Savannah blurted out “the chairs are smiling” when she saw a picture of one of the endowment rooms. Later she repeated that when seeing a picture in the brochure … Continue reading

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