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Best Calendar for 2010

On Christmas day there was one gift under the tree that neither Laura nor I knew about. Savannah had made a wonderful calendar for our family for 2010. I just had to share each of the months – it really … Continue reading

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Budding Fashionista

For those who don’t know, Mariah is all girl in every way. It shows up in everything she does from dancing to dressing to interacting with babies. We got another taste of it last night when she had to put … Continue reading

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The Best Christmas Gift

We have been encouraging the kids to think about what they would like to give to others at Christmas and to go beyond simply spending money or giving away toys they no longer want. The results have been very encouraging. … Continue reading

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Family Pictures

When Enoch was born I promised to post a family picture. Things were busy enough that since we were not allowed to take the kids to visit in the hospital we never got around to taking a family picture until … Continue reading

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Best-Of Comments

Have you ever wanted to share your favorite comments on the front page of your site? I’m not talking about the most recent comments, or the most frequent contributors, but the best comments (most funny, most thoughtful, most appropriate, most … Continue reading

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