Pre-Fix Winners and Losers

Over at the Washington Post political blog – The Fix – Chris Cillizza always does a Winners and Losers post after every debate. While he’s tied up with the Democratic debate I thought I’d beat him to the punch on the Republican side for tonight’s debate.


Mitt Romney: The fact that every other candidate was attacking Romney indicates the consensus that if he wins in New Hampshire on Tuesday he is the clear front runner for the Republican nomination. Every candidate but Mitt can benefit by having this race stay undecided for a few more weeks.


Mitt Romney: With everyone attacking him, Romney was unable to score any clear victory in the debate which can’t help his chances on Tuesday.

How did I do Chris?

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2 Responses to Pre-Fix Winners and Losers

  1. jasonthe says:

    Dead on analysis if you ask me. All their eggs are in one basket it seems.

    I also liked the Crooks and Liars summation of the GOP debate as “Pie Fight!”

  2. David says:

    I had not heard the Crooks and Liars description – I like it.

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