Males and Power Tools

Working next to a major construction site I have been interested to see the reactions of myself and others working in my area. Despite the fact that we are all professionals in careers of our choosing we are also very interested in the work being done by the construction workers – who are in careers completely different from our own.

Usually when a loud sound draws many of us to the windows to see what just fell (the food court last week and much of a parking terrace today) the men tend to stay near the windows longer and often there is at least one person making comments about how exciting it would be to operate one of the large construction vehicles that are destroying buildings and sifting debris. We seem to watch a wrecking ball or a backhoe with the same interest that a three year old watches a cordless drill in action.

Speaking only for myself, it is not the destruction that makes it look interesting it is the skill of being able to manipulate heavy machinary to accomplish sometimes delicate work.

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