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Mariah Discovers Electricity

Tonight during the usual bedtime hubub I went running back to Mariah’s room when I heard her start to cry. There had been no telltale noise to indicate that something had happened, but this was not a whimper as if … Continue reading

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Thank You FBI

Apparently the FBI just prevented me from receiving a large transfer of money from Nigeria -but I can have the money if I prove that it is not connected to drug or terrorist activities. I just have to share: FEDERAL … Continue reading

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Almost Perfect

The BYU Football team motto for this year was “the quest for perfection.” It looks like the Mountain West Conference adopted the same goal. Like the Cougars, the conference fell short of its goal. There was exactly one conference game … Continue reading

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Know What a White Knot Means?

I just stumbled onto this campaign to promote “marriage equality” at I have no problem with anyone wanting to express their views and even to use a little white knot to do so (sounds like a red ribbon or … Continue reading

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Random Injury Report

I must have a knack for this kind of thing because I really doubt that puncturing a fingernail is a common type of injury. I’ve done it twice in my life now. Once when I was young (I touched a … Continue reading

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