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The Case for Telling the Truth

Perhaps it would be better to say that this is the case for tellling “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.” After months and months of watching the various arguments for and against Proposition 8 in California … Continue reading

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Home Again

You’d think that after three days in Disney World (after the conference sessions each day, of course) that I would be disappointed to come home knowing that the menu would be items like macaroni and cheese and then being greeted … Continue reading

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First Snowfall

Earlier this week, knowing that I would be too busy this weekend, I though to myself that I might only have to mow my lawn once more this season. With the light dusting of snow that we got yesterday I … Continue reading

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Congratulations to Carl

I almost have a lawyer for a brother. The Colorado Supreme Court just posted a list of people who passed the Bar Exam and he’s on it. Now all he needs is to be sworn in. What an accomplishment. CONGRATULATIONS!

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Who Is That?

Conference was very enjoyable for me. For the first time in years I was not exausted for any of the sessions and I really connected with most of the talks, rather than just a few of them. I did manage … Continue reading

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