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The Purpose of Scouting

When I was working with the scout troop (before I moved) we had discussions among our adult leaders about the purpose of scouting and our desire to help boys advance without trying to create an Eagle Scout factory. I stumbled … Continue reading

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Family Vacation

I’m trying to decide if my expectations are delusional, or simply higher than necessary. This week I am taking an extended family vacation for the first time since I got married. There have been a few gathering similar to this … Continue reading

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Sobriety Checkpoint

As I was taking a couple fo the kids up the canyon tonight to go fishing I got stopped at one of those Sheriff’s Office Sobriety Checkpoints where they were stopping every car entering or leaving the canyon. That’s a … Continue reading

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When Mandates Are Not Optional

I generally do not favor government action that places a mandate on citizens. I don’t believe that it is the place of government to decide whether citizens should recycle or not, but if the options are between mandatory recycling and … Continue reading

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Sans Agent

I have nothing against real estate agents, they definitely have their place in helping to buy and sell houses, but I just have to say how nice and refreshing it has been to sell my house without working through an … Continue reading

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