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Religious Obedience

I was listening to a talk today in sacrament meeting where the speaker was putting great emphasis on the fact that the leaders of the LDS church seek for members to obey their leaders out of understanding rather than blindly … Continue reading

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Very Well (Under)Stated

“There‚Äôs always the chance that politics are involved in politics.” Steve Urquhart I wonder if Steve chuckled to himself when he crafted that bit of wisdom today.

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GOOOH – Elect Regular People

I’m always interested in ways to open up government to the average voter so I was interested when I learned about GOOOH (Hat Tip – Mark Towner). Their mission is to change the way we elect representatives and try to … Continue reading

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Living My Ideals

With the beginning of my new job I will have the opportunity to use public transportation regularly. I have always been in favor of using public transit but since I have always either worked from home or lived close enough … Continue reading

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Working for Intermountain Health Care

Well, it wasn’t long from the time that I wrote to say that I was looking for work to the time that I got a job. Thank you to everyone who was praying for me and offering suggestions (that includes … Continue reading

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