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Imagine This

I know I’m this will sound crazy but imagine for a minute that Mexico (or some of the 31 states of Mexico) were to petition to become states as part of the United States. (There is nothing in the constitution … Continue reading

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“Republican” Does Not Equal “Conservative”

I was excited to hear The Fall of Conservatism on Radio West and to read the article being discussed. All through the show there was a concern lurking in the back of my brain. When I finally identified it as … Continue reading

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Justice In Texas

The Texas Supreme Court has just shown what justice looks like: The Texas Supreme Court has ruled that the removal of FLDS children from the YFZ Ranch was unwarranted — and the decision to take them was an abuse of … Continue reading

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Right, Left, or Straight

I think that Lyall is right in suggesting that we are asking the wrong question in the education debate. He identifies the current question as “How can we reform, improve our system of education today?” He believes that the correct … Continue reading

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Another Running Post

It’s been quite a while since I posted about running. For that matter, it’s been a long time since anything noteworthy happened while I was running. This morning as I was starting out on my (semi-regular) morning run I heard … Continue reading

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