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Federalist No. 9

Federalist No. 9 can be almost completely reduced to this extended quote by Montesquieu: a CONFEDERATE REPUBLIC. . . is a convention by which several smaller STATES agree to become members of a larger ONE, which they intend to form. … Continue reading

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Government is a Tool

LaVarr Webb asks Utah Policy readers if they think government is always a necessary evil or if it can be a force for good. Since my answer to that question goes directly to the heart of what my blog is … Continue reading

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Embracing Broad Perspectives

I was listening to a story on NPR about young Indians abroad returning to help their country. One statement that caught my attention was the assertion that Indians who have lived in Western cultures have experienced the problems and some … Continue reading

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Deep Connections

I made an interesting connection yesterday during a conversation. Interestingly, I just realized that this connection also ties into a scripture that struck me forcefully the other day: And they shall also be crowned with blessings from above, yea, and … Continue reading

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Spinning Our Wheels

I have been expressing my frustration in comments about the way the federal government seems to be doing little or nothing useful in the way of increasing our homeland security. At the same time, our president is demanding more leeway … Continue reading

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